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The vision of the institution is to provide pre-eminent educational experiences that are stimulating, responsive to the needs of the present century and prepare the students for leadership in their profession and society, and also to address critical needs of industry and foster economic development.


In addition to imparting book knowledge to the students, our most important and first duty is to
educate them so that they can live as role models in the future.
1. To raise the platform of qualitative education for students in rural areas.
2. To raise the confidence level in the students with a rapidly changing global situation.
3. To give scope to the soft skills of the students.
4. To boost and instill the creative capabilities of the students.
5. To arise the sense of social responsibility.
6. To develop a versatile personality of the students.
7. To take efforts for students' physical and intellectual development.
8. To raise the scientific and technical curiosity of students.
9. Try to nurture decency, humility, and a sense of respect.
10. To develop the working capabilities of students.